Sexual dysfunction is not uncommon for men of all ages. Sometimes this occurs naturally; and, other times, men will experience urinary incontinence or erectile dysfunction symptoms as a result of prostate or bladder surgery. At our pharmacy, we are dedicated to helping our patients be their best which is why we developed the Penile Rehabilitation Protocol.

The Penile Rehabilitation Protocol is designed to help patients before, during and after surgery or radiation therapy. Although, any patient, even those that have not undergone surgery or radiation, can benefit from this protocol. It provides a recovery roadmap for patients.  By being part of the patient journey every step of the way, we ensure that we can answer any questions and provide the highest quality of service to help ensure patient goals are met. To learn more about penile rehabilitation, please review our commonly asked questions below:

What is penile rehabilitation?

Penile rehabilitation is a treatment process that helps men restore blood flow to the penis which aids in the recovery of the tissue and nerves. It also focuses on recovery of erectile function and/or treating urinary incontinence . Penile rehabilitation can involve a combination of approaches, including physical therapy, nutritional supplements, medications, penile injections or even surgical solutions.

What causes men to need penile rehabilitation?

When men experience any trauma to the penis, including surgery or injury, then they need to rehabilitate their penis to restore normal function. In addition, some diseases can cause ED, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, or others. Penile rehabilitation is one solution to resolving the effect individuals may experience.

Who can benefit from penile rehabilitation?

Although penile rehabilitation is often geared towards men who have completed prostate cancer or bladder surgery treatment, any man who suffers from ED can benefit from penile rehabilitation.

How soon will I see results from penile rehabilitation?

Although every patient responds differently to treatment, most patients could see benefits within the first few weeks or months after beginning the Stanley Penile Rehabilitation Protocol.

Is penile rehabilitation a life-long treatment?

Each individual responds differently. Some patients can return to nature erectile function after working within the protocol. Some patient may continue to use medications to aid in achieving an erection. Others may choose surgical solutions to their ED or urinary incontinence. But the majority of patients do find solutions to their erectile dysfunction or urinary incontinence issues, vastly improving their quality of life.


Our Penile Rehabilitation Program is a personalized treatment method, which may combine various forms of physical therapy, medication and/or medical devices. We know that every man is different, so we customize our protocol specifically towards your needs. We’ve seen how penile rehabilitation helped our patients successfully recover from medical procedures and improve their quality of life.