Changing Lives

Do you ship?

Yes. We use FedEx and most of our orders are processed (this includes the compounding in the lab) within 24 hours.

I am presently on Andro Gel.

Not a problem. We can compound a customized cream with the equivalent, or better yet, more specific dose for YOUR needs and concentrate it.

Would like to be on Customized Hormone Replacement?

See #2. We are here to help.

What does it take to make this move?

Attached, please find a patient history form. Please fill this in and include your physicians’ name and phone number. We will give them a call (or fax if you have this available) regarding a dosage for you. We typically hear back from most doctors within 72 hours. We are happy to send them any necessary printed materials to educate them as well as consult via telephone. Once we receive the prescription, we will compound it in the lab, call you when it is ready, obtain a visa/mc/discover and send it out for you.

Does insurance recognize the importance of the customized and are they willing to pay?

Most insurance companies reimburse back what you paid less any applicable copay. We will send you a Universal Claim form to send to the insurance.

How much is a one month supply?

Depending on dose, etc. typically about $50/month.

How do you get the lab testing done thru your current Doctor? Are all of these tests necessary?

Via blood (bare bones: total testosterone, estradiol, and PSA). YES, labs are needed. As males age, estradiol increases and this is what affects the prostate and urinary function. The key to Customized HRT is balance. We also have saliva tests as well as blood spot tests we can send you from the pharmacy. Costs range from $105-250 depending on the number of tests performed.

Total Testosterone(In range with current application of Andro Gel), estradiol(never done as far a I know), PSA (mine is .7), I am 69 years of age, DHEA-S(Never done), and prolactin(Maybe at Mayo Clinic).

The total testosterone range for “normal” is about 275-1000. This is huge. We have established through research and patient feedback optimal ranges we will target for our patients. More along the range of 500-600 for a man your age.

We have a toll free number, email, fax, 24 hour voice mail. We look forward to helping you.