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Choose Heart Smart Nutrition - South River Compounding Pharmacy
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Choose Heart Smart Nutrition

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Choose Heart Smart Nutrition

With heart and vascular disease so prevalent in the U.S., awareness is the key in helping patients identify healthy diet, lifestyle, and preventive habits. So many people are on blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglyceride medications, that this has become the “norm” instead of the exception. The good news is that you can reduce your risk for heart and vascular-related diseases by adjusting your diet.

First, try to consume a variety of whole grains, legumes, and vegetables (especially dark-green, leafy vegetables) on a daily basis. Also, scientific research shows that many patients benefit from concentrated levels of certain nutrients—at doses that are difficult to obtain from diet alone—to support their overall cardiovascular health. More information on these natural approaches is detailed below.

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Although you may not realize it, your everyday lifestyle choices—such as the types of food you eat—can greatly influence cardiovascular health. Unfortunately, the typical Western diet is high in refined carbohydrates, sodium, and artery-clogging fats, while deficient in several heart-health promoting ingredients. But you have the power to include healthier options in your diet, starting TODAY!
If you’re interested in supplementing your diet with heart-smart nutrition, consider these popular choices. Of course, it’s crucial that you first improve the quality of your diet, and then use supplements to ensure that you are getting all that you need.

Daily Supplements for Cardiovascular Health


The amino acid L-arginine is a precursor of nitric oxide, which causes blood vessel relaxation. Evidence suggests that enhanced levels of L-arginine support healthy blood flow.


Research shows many Americans do not consume the daily recommended amounts of magnesium. And a lack of this vital nutrient may be a factor in many common health problems. For example, scientific evidence suggests that magnesium may play an important role in healthy muscle contraction and relaxation. Also, adequate magnesium states may be associated with healthy heart rhythms.


Researchers have found that higher levels of blood folate are associated with lower levels of the amino acid homocysteine—a key factor in maintaining circulatory health. But like magnesium, most adults do not consume adequate dietary folate. Also, research shows that as many as 2 out of every 5 people experience difficulty metabolizing folate due to genetic variability. Therefore, enhancing folate nutrition with three forms of folate—folic acid, 5-formyl THF, and L-5-MTHF—may be the most effective way to receive the profound health benefits of folate nutrition.

Fish Oils

Research has shown that the Omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil supplements can: reduce the risk of arrhythmias, lower triglyceride levels, slow atherosclerosis, and keep blood pressures levels low.

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10)

A fat-soluble nutrient present in the mitochondria of virtually all cells and an essential factor for cellular energy production. Also, a powerful free radical scavenger, clinically shown to provide protection for the inner lining of the arteries by inhibiting LSL oxidation and increasing good cholesterol levels. It has also been shown in study after study to help slow down the destruction that occurs in congestive heart failure (CHF), a serious heart disease, and heals the heart muscle damaged by heart attacks.

Not All Supplements Are Created Equal

It’s important to keep in mind that all products are not alike—no matter what the label or packaging may claim. Make sure you choose high quality products that are handled in facilities that are certified for good manufacturing practices (GMP). Because the difference in quality can mean a big difference in your health.
Remember, supplements are just that– supplements. They are not intended to cure any disease. Supplements are best used when combined with a heart healthy diet

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