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2 - 2015 - South River Compounding Pharmacy
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February 2015

South River Protein Powder

[caption id="attachment_912" align="alignnone" width="628"] (Basket and back panels for sale in store. Available while supplies last.)[/caption] Organic Vegan Protein Vegan Soy-Free Certified Organic $24.99 for about $1 per serving This soy-free vegan protein powder uses an organic plant protein blend from 4 phyto-sourced proteins: rice, hemp chia, and mushroom. Protein: 13g Fiber: 3g Calories: 85 Fat: 1g Pure Organic Whey Protein Soy-Free Certified Organic $38.99 for nearly a month of daily servings, at just $1.82 per scoop Our protein comes from the milk of cows who live free-ranged and grass-fed. Not only is this humanely-sourced protein, but the natural diet and lack of bovine growth hormones produces a pure, protein-rich product. Our Pure Organic Whey Protein powder focuses on being high in protein and low in carbohydrates and calories. One of our favorite features of this protein is...


Is This Organic?

[caption id="attachment_902" align="alignnone" width="725"] Creative Commons: Ginny[/caption] With a lot of new research about food products in our supermarkets, there are many people who are choosing to buy organic products for themselves and their families. It wasn't long before people started to realize how hard it was to decipher what was made or grown organically and what was not. With debates about labels and government regulations, identifying certified organic foods is not always a simple task. Here, we discuss two ways to read the labels on your food for when you're thinking to yourself, "is this organic?" Organic Labels These categories are set up by the USDA and all products sold in stores are required to follow them. Not all organic foods need to use the USDA Organic label...


Not All Fats are Created Equally

[caption id="attachment_860" align="alignnone" width="600"] Photo: cyclonebill[/caption] Why all fats are not the enemy The first thing that comes to many people’s minds when talking about fat in our food is a myriad of unhealthy foods such as chocolate cake or cheese fries. Fatty foods have a bad reputation because we know that when we eat a lot of unhealthy foods, it makes us gain weight. In fact, we get so used to eating fatty foods that it makes it easy for us to overeat as well as make us crave fatty foods when we are hungry. What we sometimes don’t realize is that there are more than one type of fat, and the right amount of good fats in our diet can actually help us shed some...


Fast Track Detox and Weight Loss by South River   Are you Toxic? Each year, more than 4 billion pounds of toxic chemicals are released into the environment; these toxic chemicals can accumulate in your body and affect overall health. Enhance the body’s natural metabolic detoxification process while providing adequate fuel for both cleansing and other daily activities. Getting healthier is important — and so is feeling your best. 10 Day Program Ultra Clear Renew AdvaClear Shaker cup and Guide Book 14-Day Program                                    PaleoCleanse PurePea Protein Amino-D-Tox Hydrolyzyme Shaker cup and Guide Book Program Fees: 10 Day : $114.00 14-Day:  $139.00 If you have any questions about this program or would like to receive further information, please call us at (804) 897-6447 to speak with one of...


Reading Food Labels: The Basics

Serving Size We talk about servings every time we discuss how much food from each food group we eat in a day. For example, 2 servings of vegetables or 3 servings of fruit. But how do we know how much food is in a single serving? That’s where the nutrition labels come in. A Nutrition facts label will tell you immediately what is considered 1 serving of the packaged product. It will also let you know how many of those servings are in the container. Often, it’s just an approximate number since a lot of packaging is done by the weight of the item not the quantity inside. Everything listed on the label below will be the amount per single serving of the product. Measuring Servings by Ounces: If...


Metagenics Mega 10

We have all heard about the power of omega-3s and their role in immune support and cardiovascular health. What Metagenics has done is combine omega-3 with Omega-7 to create a more complete formula designed specifically to provide targeted and enhanced support for overall cardiovascular health. It is the perfect 10 for heart health! The Mega 10 Purified & Concentrated Formula: Mega 10 provides 105mg of palmitoleic acid from concentrated omega-7 in each softgel and is purified to remove palmitic acid Palmitic acid is a saturated fatty acid that may have a negative impact on the important  aspects of heart health Many unpurified palmitoleic acid preparations, such as those from sea buckthorn, may contain high concentrations of palmitic acid Mega 10 also provides a concentrated dose of 500 mg of combined EPA and DHA...


South River Valentine's Day Contest

  Come into either South River Compounding Pharmacy location to enter to win a Sweetheart Package! 1. Come into our store and take a photo of yourself with our contest sign 2. Upload the photo onto Twitter or Facebook and hashtag #shopRVA 3.  Share it with all your friends, you can even share it with South River if you'd like to! 4. ONE photo will be chosen at random to win the Sweetheart Package (details below) 5. There's NO limit to how many photos you submit, but you can only submit one for each participating store you've visited (find participating stores) See the Think.Shop.Buy Local Official Contest Rules Entries accepted during February 8-14 What is in the Sweetheart Package? Corardin's Jewelery A pair of sterling silver and smokey quartz quatrefoil dangle earrings Gearheart's Chocolates $50 Gift Certificate Strange's Florist $50 Gift...